TheLab Laboratory based learning
The use of crisis management depends on the situation. Yesterday’s solutions are out of date, and we don’t know about tomorrow. It is what you do here and now – in a given situation, under given circumstances – that is crucial for the result. As a manager you have to handle your own fear and own stress level as well as others. At the same time, a good leader also has to communicate well and be creative in solving problems together with other people.
You will get expertise in crisis management through our laboratory based training programs: MINI LAB, LAB og MAXI LAB
 is a 3-4 hour long compact version of Lab. Participants will gain valuable insight into the needs and requirements necessary for establishing a competent crisis management organization. There are no limitations in the number of participants. 
LAB provides crisis management training through simulated general case scenarios. There are at least 2 simulations per training course. Lab is open for groups up to 30 participants.
s based on tailor made simulations developed exclusively for the clients. Maxi Lab offers participants the opportunity to test group dynamics in crisis management as well as testing of procedures and plans in the event of a crisis. Media management, emotional and crisis leadership are among the covered topics. Maxi Lab is open for groups up to 30 participants.